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We got turned on to the idea of bringing an escape game concept to Columbus as we took our own team through a room while we were out of town at a conference. The results were astounding. In a short 60 minutes, there were no longer titles and ranks, we were more cohesive, there was passion and excitement, and we had a really amazing time. We instantly walked out of the room and said we needed to bring this same experience to Columbus…so we did.


We also knew that adding a board room to do team building before going into the escape room would have made all the difference in the world, so we created a board room experience that has everything you need to work with an amazing facilitator or lead a team building session of your own.


As we’ve worked with teams there have been two types of groups that really benefit from the team building we offer in our board room.


1. The team that needs a fun time – At some point through the year, there comes a point when working with each other becomes mundane and you’re not appreciating each other as much as you should. It starts to show in productivity, customer service and overall enjoyment of the job.


2. The team that is ready to take things to the next level – Maybe you’re launching a new project, just did a bunch of hiring or you’re about to have your ‘best year ever’. You want to get everyone on the same page, set some audacious goals and figure out how you’re going to achieve them.


Weekly you conduct the same types of meetings, by engaging your employees the same way you always do, resulting in the same types of outcomes. In our board room we do things a little different. We allow you to join in on the fun. So lay your ‘Boss’ title aside and join in on the fun. Rent our fully equipped board room, add a facilitator and catering, and let us do all the work.


After your board room session you dive right in to a Columbus-themed escape room. The beauty of the escape room is that it allows everyone’s skills and talents to emerge and shine at different times. As the clock ticks down and the suspense rises, a team comes together at just the right time to solve the room – and you escape. Debriefing, we all agreed. Alone we would have never escaped but together we had the right combination of strengths and talents to seize the day.

Our goal for your day is that you leave feeling more connected with your team, that you have a clear vision of your goals and purpose, that you laughed a lot…and that you ESCAPED!

Board Room Includes:

– Internet
– Digital Projector
– Screen
– DVD Player
– Music Hook-up for phone or iPad
– Speakers
– Wireless Remote
– Apple Adapters
– White Board
– Markers & Pens
– Flip Charts


– Note Pads
– Sticky Notes
– Toys to Spark Creativity
– Water
– Catering Options

We thought of you as we sought out the best facilitators in Columbus.  Their expertise will be sure to meet all of your needs. Add a facilitator to take your meeting and your team to the next level. We’ll match you up with one of ours or you can bring your own.


Pricing is based per person and varies depending on facilitator, board room time and catering. Call 614-935-2278 and together we will find the winning combination for you and your team.