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Outdoor/ Special Games

Outdoor Escape Game – Your Inheritance

HOW IT WORKS:  Find clues hidden throughout Italian Village and Short North as we take this escape game meets scavenger hunt outside.  We’ve mixed our challenging puzzles and high-tech props with the art, architecture and hot spots that Columbus has to offer.  Game time runs 2.5 hours.  $35 per adult, $25 per child with a 4 person minimum and 12 person max.  We can accommodate larger groups as well as corporate so contact us for details.



STORYLINE:  An attorney with a funny accent reaches out to you via video chat with news that some long lost relatives have died and left you a ton of money.  They must have been a little strange though because the only way to receive the inheritance is to play  along with a game they created to collect 6 digits from 6 different art pieces that will open the briefcase of surprise treasure.  If your group fails to complete the mission the attorney has the right to move on to the next long lost set of relatives.

Offsite Prehistoric Time Travel Escape Game

HOW IT WORKS: We bring the escape room experience to you!  Whether it’s a birthday party, game night, youth group or corporate team building, we bring the best clues, props and puzzles in a new unique mobile game.  One of our escapologists will bring the game, set it up, facilitate it and make sure everyone has an awesome time.  It’s built to be a 45-60 min game and perfect for up to 15 people.  $35 per person, with a 6 person minimum/ 15 people max.  For availability and hours outside of schedule times contact us.


STORYLINE: Your team is part of a specialized unit  inside The Amaze Academy of Time Travel. A member of your Unit 614 has been on a long-term mission to pre-historic times to obtain an artifact which contains a formula that is desperately needed to treat health issues in the 21st century.  Unfortunately, there has been no contact from her in several days so your team is being sent there to find out what happened to her and more importantly recover her work and the artifact needed to save millions of lives.  Due to a reconfiguration of several major international satellites, the portal system has been very unstable so you only have 45 mins inside her camp to complete your mission before you’ll be stuck there indefinitely.

Customized Team Building or Event Game

If you are planning a large event, we can create a customized game experience for your large event or team building activity.  We’ve made:

  • Earth Day Gahanna – scavenger hunt across several parks
  • OptOutside Gahanna – scavenger hunt to promote getting outdoors on Black Friday.
  • Fashion Meets Music Festival – Outdoor activation for attendees to play using entire venue between shows.
  • Creepside Festival – Outdoor activation during large Halloween Festival.
  • Holiday Lighting Festival – Outdoor activation as fun event during Christmas lighting.
  • Parkinson Foundation Game – Created large game around Uptown Westerville to raise awareness and fundraising for Parkinson’s Disease.