Amaze Escape Games | Fashion Week Nightmare
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Fashion Week Nightmare

There’s an extra buzz in the air around the city because the days have been counting down until the start of Columbus Fashion Week – and it’s finally here.


The expectations are higher this year than most due to the number of amazing up-and-coming designers that have emerged in the last couple of years.  One in particular was expected to make a big splash this year with her debut line which was sure to be a crowd pleaser launching her career to the next level.


For reasons no one knows, she was cut from the lineup and did not handle it well.   Word on the street is that she has gone underground with plans to sabotage the show potentially injuring thousands of people.


You’re group has been commissioned by the Fashion Week Board to find this young artist and spoil her plans to ruin the show.  With the show starting in 60 minutes the only place to start is her studio.


Good luck and time is of the essence.

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