Amaze Escape Games | Gallery Swipe
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Gallery Swipe

The famous Columbus- based artist, Andrew Lee is scheduled to unveil his new masterpiece at his up-scale gallery  during Gallery Hop just hours from now.  He’s been working on this piece for years and has developed a new technique that people from all over the world have come to see.

Unfortunately, the piece has come up missing and Lee doesn’t know who to turn to for help. Everyone suspects it’s his biggest competitor who has taken the piece but there’s no evidence. You’re team has been selected to perform an ‘off the record’ mission to sneak into his competitor’s gallery, find the missing piece and return it before Gallery Hop starts.

Be careful, it’s been rumored he has plans for several other larger heists so there’s no telling what’s he’d done to safeguard his office.  He has stepped out for a meeting with a potential buyer so you have 60 minutes to find the painting and get out – not only ensure your safety but to also save Gallery Hop.


Good luck and time is of the essence.

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