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I get a lot of shocked looks from flybbabies at Fly-Ins when I point out that my Fly Baby doesn't have a trim system The Fly Baby is so light on the controls that, once the fixed tab is set properly, the control pressures never get very high. I can fly touch-and-goes all day never feeling that I'm fighting the stick.

Fly babies aviary

Additionally, when throttling back on base, aft pressure was of course required to glide at a slower speed. My main point is that a trim system is practically mandatory for most airplanes, but not on Fly Babies. The vertical spring can be very light, as again it just takes up the slack when there is no pull on the cable.

The crank assembly fig. Flying a plane that you have built yourself is extremely satisfying. I get a lot of shocked looks from folks at Fly-Ins when I point out that my Fly Baby doesn't have a trim system Since the lower of the two mounts stands off more and is less supported than the other mounts, I made it out of chromoly — the others are aluminum.

Flybabies 123

I made aluminum mounts and constructed covers for the pulleys by means of the small forming buck in fig. I can fly touch-and-goes all flybwbies never feeling that I'm fighting the stick.

Random thoughts from a jesus loving wife, mom, scrapbooker, photographer, flybaby, etc. . .

The crank box which is mounted on the port fuselage side under the throttle, the Sta. Now: Gross weight will make a LOT of difference here.

Flybabies 123

He wanted to be able to adjust 13 the pressure change, and developed this nifty little trim system to let him do so. How does it work?

Like a champ. Bird breeder in Valrico, Foybabies - Specializing in the sweetest hand tamed baby Parrot. The third component, for lack of a better term, consists of the two directional pulleys mounted on the Sta.

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One of our happy group queried me about Fly Baby stall behavior. The top of the ears are drilled to accept the AN-3 bolt that captures the end of the trim control cable.

Flybabies 123

As can be seen in fig. See All Posts From flybabies Of course, Fly Babies don't have have stall horns Don't think you have to add a trim system just because the Cessna or Piper you learned to fly on had one. Chuck's system is great in that flyabies can be easily added after construction For a Flybaby that flybabirs a belly panel like mine, this is a very doable project.

The one that proved to be just right has a pull of about 3. Instagram · Log In Open App.

Flybaby - level 1 peasant

Instead, I have set the existing fixed tab on the elevator to provide the nose down force just necessary for level flight when getting very low on fuel — this proved to be a very slight deflection of the tab, so not much drag. This is never more than a slight irritant The walking beam ears are simply two straps of. Is there ificant pre-stall buffet?

I was able to work from a creeper below, and then from the top by sitting backwards in the cockpit on the floor. The trim system consists of three main components or assemblies. I have about 65 hours on my baby now, and feel right at home.

fpybabies Chuck Baynard. Pete's pound spec. I did not put an flybabiez spring in the system for nose down trim, although this could be added. As can be seen, there are two pulleys on the mount itself that provide a fair lead to the ears, and then turn the cable about 90 degrees to direct it toward the fuselage side. This is a safeguard against the cable jumping the pulleys, perhaps not really necessary with the pulley guards in place.

Does your plane mush, or break at the stall.

Flybabies 123

What kind of warning do you get? I am just a builder, not an engineer. 55 Reviews | Review Me. The Fly Baby is so light on the controls that, once the fixed tab is set properly, the control pressures never get very high.

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Ron Wanttaja. We also have Canaries and Gouldian finches. I fly mine flybavies about pounds, vs. Fly Babies Aviary. Obviously, the heavier the plane, the less happy the stall characteristics. I suppose you could construct a new walking beam with extended ears, but this approach worked fine without having to alter any preexisting work. There was enough room inside my original walking beam mount to allow the two new ears to mate against the sides of the walking beam itself without having to alter the mount.

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As the fuel burns off, just give it a crank forward, and it settles back down to level flight. [email protected]​flybabiescom · Photo by fly babies aviary on June 10, Image may contain: 2. In my experience, the Fly Baby has a fairly sharp break. However, as Chuck points out, the trim pressure on a Fly Baby does change during cross-countries due to the fuel burning off.

The project took eight years, and I thoroughly enjoyed the building and learned a great deal along the fkybabies.

Fly babies aviary

From there, it goes through two additional pulleys to align it with the crank box. With a fixed trim tab on the elevator, my plane flew hands off in cruise, but I found that after about an hour in the air, forward pressure was required on the stick to keep it from climbing due to the reduced fuel load forward of the CG. But there are some reports out there that state that the Fly Baby doesn't break, it just mushes.

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