Amaze Escape Games | Fundraising
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There are many ways to come together and reach your fundraising goal.  Let us help you by using your own friends, family, and colleague’s social connections to get you to your goal faster.  Instead of doing the same old thing to raise your funds, do something totally out of the box and creative by teaming up your efforts with an escape game.


Here’s how it works:  We give you or your organization your own unique promo code and set a start date and specific period of time to run your fundraising.  For every person that books a game during that period of time using your promo code, we give you $5 back toward your goal.  For every full game booked, you would get $50 donated back to you!  The game doesn’t have to be played during your fundraising period, just booked and paid for during your fundraising period.  Games can be booked up to 6 months out.


All you have to do is promote your code and leverage your own social connections to get people to sign up for an awesome date night out, family outing or corporate team building session.  We’ll also promote your code on all of our social media and marketing outlets to promote other people who are already doing games to use your code as well.


This is perfect for:

  • Pelotonia – Individuals or Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Class Fundraising
  • Service Organizations
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Sports Teams
  • …. Many More

Give us a call at 614-947-1010 or email for more details and to set up a time to chat.


** Unfortunately, no other promo codes can used with your charity code.