Amaze Escape Games | Outdoor Game – The Inheritance
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Outdoor Game – The Inheritance

HOW IT WORKS:  Find clues hidden throughout Italian Village and Short North as we take this escape game meets scavenger hunt outside.  We’ve mixed our challenging puzzles and high-tech props with the art, architecture and hot spots that Columbus has to offer.  Game time runs 2.5 hours.  $35 per adult, $25 per child with a 4 person minimum and 12 person max.  We can accommodate larger groups as well as corporate so contact us for details.



STORYLINE:  An attorney with a funny accent reaches out to you via video chat with news that some long lost relatives have died and left you a ton of money.  They must have been a little strange though because the only way to receive the inheritance is to play  along with a game they created to collect 6 digits from 6 different art pieces that will open the briefcase of surprise treasure.  If your group fails to complete the mission the attorney has the right to move on to the next long lost set of relatives.