Amaze Escape Games | Offsite- Prehistoric Time Travel
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Offsite- Prehistoric Time Travel

THE CONCEPT:  We bring the escape room experience to you!  Whether it’s a birthday party, game night, youth group or corporate team building, we bring the best clues, props and puzzles in a new unique mobile game.  One of our escapologists will bring the game, set it up, facilitate it and make sure everyone has an awesome time.  It’s built to be a 45-60 min game and perfect for up to 15 people.  $35 per person, with a 6 person minimum/ 15 people max.  For availability and hours outside of schedule times contact us.

THE STORY:  Your team is part of a specialized unit  inside The Amaze Academy of Time Travel. A member of your Unit 614 has been on a long-term mission to pre-historic times to obtain an artifact which contains a formula that is desperately needed to treat health issues in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, there has been no contact from her in several days so your team is being sent there to find out what happened to her and more importantly recover her work and the artifact needed to save millions of lives.

Due to a reconfiguration of several major international satellites, the portal system has been very unstable so you only have 45 mins inside her camp to complete your mission before you’ll be stuck there indefinitely.