What is yiffing


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If you have family or friends who want to know more about your hobby, share this to help them understand. Anthropomorphic: Mixing animals with human characteristics. Furry: Anthropomorphic media and its fans. They often but not always role-play an animal character.

Macrophile: Wants to be stepped on by Godzilla.

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Kim Site Admin It should go without saying, but do be careful with any link relating to this topic. Yiff is an onomatopoetic word and/or sound, coined in by Foxen while roleplaying his fursona, littlefox, originally to meaning a cheerful. Planties are the anthro-botanical fandom. Overuse is incredibly annoying. whaat

Origin and ificance of the term "yiff"

They often but not always role-play an animal character. Cons are usually held at hotels once a year. Whay vs. Inexperienced users tend to wander around cons sounding like field mice on crack, leaving a trail of snarls and tinnitus. Furpile: Group cuddles, not necessarily for yiffing. Yiff relates to sexual content within the furry fandom.

Other definitions of yiff:

Bronies are adults who love My Little Pony. Supposedly, the name comes from the sound that foxes make when mating.

What is yiffing

Furry: Anthropomorphic media and its fans. Like our Otter Satan testicle clamp initiations. "Yiff" was originally coined as a greeting, to be used.

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Squizzled: Squeakers are popular fursona enhancements. What does yiff mean?

What is yiffing

Weres AKA Therians take a fursona literally. Confuzzled: Furries speak of a well known tendency for new, curious members to enter the fandom with very conservative sexuality, then over time shift from straight to very open and bisexual or gay for furries.

What is yiffing

It whay be furry porn (as in pornographic images or movies) or it can be sexual. Yiff is a slang word used in the Furry fandom used to refer to sexual activities and furry pornography.

You can find online music videos of synchronized dancing by skilled FurFu artists. Fursecution: Prejudice against furries by Steves.

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Fursuit Crush: A fursuiter who gives you butterflies. They should be used carefully.

What is yiffing

Origin. The fandom: Furry subculture. Just keep it to the regular stuff. It may have some very NSFW content! If you have family or friends who want to know more about your hobby, share this to help them understand.

Where does yiff come from?

But that's a pretty specific pocket of the internet. In RP circles, it means sexual activity between two characters that are either animals, or animal-inspired in some way. Some preferences.

A Cuckoo Play party is when a whole group of furries switch suits at the same time. Plushophiles collect them, and get huge respect from ebay sellers for doing astonishing bidding wars.

Con Crud: A rare itchy fungus harbored in fursuits. A typical reaction when they find out is delight or humor rather than shock or outrage.

What is yiffing

Amongst some Furcadian players, it's become almost interchangeable with "cybersex," and doesn't even need to involve animals anymore. Breaking the Magic: A taboo act with a fursona.

Police shut down furry bbq due to yiffing

And whatt weaseling can mean posting from someone elses or just telling ridiculous stories. FurFu: Martial art developed for fursuiters and for combating fursecution.

What is yiffing

Cuckoo Play is another word for this interest. Anthropomorphic: Mixing animals with human characteristics. Otherkin feel like a different species or entity in their body. Cuddles continue for a while.

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